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This page contains all materials, resources and learnings from Next Generation, and are made available to the whole community energy sector. There are several types of resource on this page:

Group videos

Videos from each group providing a brief description of their projects:

Case studies


Practical learning guides for community energy groups


Five practical learning guides have been developed to share learning on common themes emerging from the Next Generation innovation projects. These should be useful to community energy groups considering new approaches and also to other community businesses considering action on energy and climate issues.  


The experience of the Next Generation innovation programme suggests that many emerging, innovative business models for community energy are significantly more complex, involve more partners and involve considerably more risk than earlier subsidy-supported business models. The practical learning guides provide insights from the Next Generation programme and beyond on:  

End of project reports

Each group has produced a detailed report on the delivery of their project and the lessons they have learnt along the way. More reports will be added as projects are completed.

Financial models


As part of the Next Generation Innovation programme each group has developed a financial model which they have shared in order to help other groups to find out if similar projects may be financially feasible. 

Templates & resources


These resources have been produced by community energy groups and may be a useful starting point for other groups. You can use these templates as a guide but please seek legal advice before using them in your project.    



New housing

LED lighting in community buildings

Solar PV and EV charging

Flex Community

Renewable heat

Electric vehicle car club

Data Co-operative

Impact of community energy involvement

A case study on the impact of community energy group involvement has also been produced.  This is based on survey research that the Next Generation programme supported with 205 members of three community energy groups that are structured as ‘Community Benefit Societies’. The aim was to find out about their members, many of whom owned community shares in these group, and explore the difference that Community Energy made to their lives. The case study should be of interest to community energy groups as well as to policy makers.

group vides
case studies
practical learning
end of project reports
financial models
templates and resources
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