Working closely with Community Energy England and other networks, Next Generation is ensuring that all emerging materials, resources and learnings are made available to the whole community energy sector. There are three types of resource on this page: 

  1. Practical learning guides for community energy groups

  2. Impact of community energy involvement

  3. Introductory webinars: Establishing your Community Energy Organisation

  4. Innovation Lab Webinars

Practical learning guides for community energy groups


Five practical learning guides have been developed to share learning on common themes emerging from the Next Generation innovation projects. These should be useful to community energy groups considering new approaches and also to other community businesses considering action on energy and climate issues.  


The experience of the Next Generation innovation programme suggests that many emerging, innovative business models for community energy are significantly more complex, involve more partners and involve considerably more risk than earlier subsidy-supported business models. The practical learning guides provide insights from the Next Generation programme and beyond on:  


Impact of community energy involvement


A case study on the impact of community energy group involvement has also been produced.  This is based on survey research that the Next Generation programme supported with 205 members of three community energy groups that are structured as ‘Community Benefit Societies’. The aim was to find out about their members, many of whom owned community shares in these group, and explore the difference that Community Energy made to their lives. The case study should be of interest to community energy groups as well as to policy makers.

Introductory webinars: Establishing your Community Energy Organisation

This series of introductory webinars were delivered for prospective directors of CORE community energy organisations as part of the Next Generation project. They were principally aimed at new directors, though more seasoned practitioners may find them equally useful.


The Webinars were delivered by members of the Next Generation consortium, comprising a range of eminent organisations and practitioners all working in the community energy sphere including: Centre for Sustainable Energy, Community Shares, Coops UK, Cooperative Futures, Everoze, Low Carbon Hub, SFW Communication and SASC.


Each webinar provides a short introduction to a distinct area of practice for community energy organisations. They sign-post key resources and provide a space for knowledge sharing between community energy organisations.

Innovation Lab Webinars

The 11 organisations being supported through the Innovation Fund have all received funding to disseminate their project findings with the wider community energy sector as this is key to the Next Generation programme. There is more information on each project including case studies and videos on our Innovation Page.


We also support the groups to disseminate their findings through the Innovation Lab webinar series which we run in partnership with Community Energy England.


This webinar series provides an opportunity for groups within the Next Generation programme and the broader community energy sector, to present the innovative business models they are currently exploring.


Each webinar includes a short presentation followed by an interview and Q&A session. Recordings of previous webinars will be posted below.

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